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How to Earn Money Online $20,000 a Month by became Mega888 & 918kiss Agent

mega888 918kiss game credit distributor

Wanna earn EXTRA CASH by becoming Mega888 or 918kiss Agent? Be your own boss now and earn money never been hard again. You will never know that earn money is so easy because we have the right formula for you.

To be successful in Slot Game Agent, you need to prepare a long term strategy. As any online gaming business that targets a high number of customers, many different types of gaming like sports betting, online casino or slot games. You need to decide your business strategy and started with 1 of the gaming first so that you can focus.

In this post, I am going to share 6 different ways I make money from Mega888 & 918kiss Agent.

  1. Never cheat your players
    This is the long term business and you need to make sure you have enough fund reserve to run your business. Because you never expert your player will win how much. No matter how much your player win, be sure to give 100% paid out. This need to be discipline. Because many online casino operator out there always run player money.


  2. Give bonus to retain your players
    Often give welcome bonus or deposit to retain your players. Be sure not to stingy with the bonus. Please bear in mind also never commit too much bonus also. Often We seen many online casino agents offer unrealistic bonus with result not able to cover the business


  3. Promoting your business
    This is possible but very difficult. Because casino advertisements is prohibited in many top sites. But you still able to see many Casino Agents able to post advertisement via Facebook/Google.


  4. Build own gaming website
    To earn trust from your players, website is a must! The website also need well maintain and constantly get updated. Not to under estimate this, this will help you to grow faster.


  5. Offer 24 hours services
    You need to run the business 24 hours to provide best customer service experience to your players. No matter in what time, whenever there is request for deposit or withdraw, you need to response fast to your player.


  6. Choose a Reliable Casino Game Credit Distributor
    You never want to face any business distraction when your distributor run away with your money. If you invest so many your time to grow your business, you also need to partner with trusted Gaming distributor. Mamakplus or 918kissCafe is your choice!


If you like to know more about to become Casino Agent please look for us via 24 hours Customer Service – whatsapp 0111-8611 680 or visit now for further information. Please action now, and don’t shy to ask any questions! We will make your dream come true!